Environmental Conservation

Looking after our ecosystems

Ecological Services

AA&ES ecologists can help with the following ecological services:
  • Weed Surveys. AA&ES are specialists in weed identification and are active members of the Weeds Society of Queensland. We can identify any weed in any situation. If you would like weeds identified, mapped and surveyed or monitored, we can assist. We also utilise the DAFF Biosecurity Queensland weed photo library, which is a useful tool for publications and presentations.
  • Fauna Spotting and Habitat Management. Our fauna spotter catchers are able to capture and relocate wildlife and assist in the identification and marking/recording of important habitat types/features, animal breeding and shelter sites.
  • Fauna and Flora Surveys. We undertake surveys for all terrestrial vertebrate groups including birds, amphibians, reptiles, bats, other mammals and some invertebrate groups such as land snails and butterflies. Our qualified staff have conducted these surveys for purposes such as linear infrastructure (Powerlink Queensland) and broader developments.
  • Ecological Impact Assessments. AA&ES has specialist capabilities in identifying ecological impacts for small and large infrastructure/construction projects, ranging from new roads/road upgrades to gas wells, ponds, camps, gas plants and pipelines.
  • Desktop studies and searches

  • Preliminary vegetation, habitat and site inspections

  • Field methodology design for surveys and monitoring for best-practice and statutory compliance

  • Habitat assessment and mapping

  • Biocondition assessment

  • Ecological impact assessment and risk analysis

  • Species Management Programs

  • Pre-clearing fauna inspection, fauna relocation and habitat decommissioning

  • Conservation Assessment on Rural Lands. AA&ES is passionate about our Environmental landscape. We have assisted landholders identify the key environmental values on their property such as vegetation types, fauna species and important habitats, wetlands and springs.
  • Environmental Training. AA&ES has been a major contributor in Property Biosecurity Management workshops across the Surat Basin and Western Queensland. These free workshops are run in conjunction with DAFF Biosecurity Queensland. We have also been involved in a number of information days and workshops, and continue to be invited as guest speakers to provide technical information.

Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

AA&ES Fauna Spotter Catchers are trained professionals who identify, capture and relocate native wildlife from construction and other work sites.

AA&ES is fully qualified with relevant licencing and permits.

AA&ES professionals will provide advice regarding methods to reduce impacts of clearing on wildlife at a site, as well as what to do with animals that may be injured or orphaned during clearing and construction activities.

AA&ES Fauna Spotter Catcher services include:

  • Pre-clearance site assessments to determine and report on potential fauna habitat issues
  • Marking of habitat trees and logs
  • Searches for visible arboreal fauna eg. active nest sites
  • Searches for fauna before and during clearing operations
  • Capture and relocation of fauna during clearing
  • Daily reporting and preparation of a comphrensive report upon conclusion of the job that details all fauna seen, captured and translocated.
  • Supply of tabulated capture returns for the purpose of meeting regulatory approvals.

Safety is our highest priority. All vehicles are fitted with IVMS. A Safe Work Method Satement is completed for all jobs. Communication in the field is essential and all AA&ES Fauna Spotter Catchers carry two forms of communication with them at all times.

We carry our own PPE and recovery gear and conduct daily toolbox meetings to discuss the work program, environment and potential hazards with all involved in the task.

Our team of Fauna Spotter Catchers are extremely passionate. They understand the land and the environment. It is this passion and experience that enables AA&ES to be seen and valued as leaders in Conservation and Land Management.

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